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As a board we have oversight of the work of prison fellowship Bahamas. This involves, planning, fund raising, and training. 

Our mission is to Evangelize, Disciple and Train Inmates as well as Corrections personnel to achieve; Reform and Rehabilitation

Meet Our Board Members

Rev. Anthony Sands Sr.

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wilton pinder.jpg

Minister Wilton Pinder

Rev. Anthony T. Sands Sr. has been a member of Prison Fellowship Bahamas for approximately twenty years. He has led the organization since February 2014, succeeding his mentor, Dr. Olga Clarke.


He was born in New Providence to the Parents of Ms. Enith Strachan and the late Mr. Harry Sands. He was taught in the government school system, graduating from R. M. Bailey Senior High School, Nassau Bahamas.

He’s a retired Sergeant from The Royal Bahamas Police Force, where he has served his country for more than thirty years between Grand Bahama and New Providence.

Denver Pratt

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Bishop Cephas Ferguson

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Dr. Olga Clarke

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Rev. Eric Josey

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steve morrison1.jpg

Steve Morrison

Girty Bullard


Steve Morrison born February 25 1957

On the island of  Eluthera the first born son of Caroline Morrison and Gladstone .H  Morrison along with five other siblings at the age of 3 the family moved to Nassau and at the age 12 of  he began to learn the trade of auto body repair which led to a long work career at the former ABC Motors.

When that company closed down in the mid  90s he continued  his trade at home and has supported  his family this way ever since .

Steve Morrison is a man of one wife Janet Morrison and 4 children on of whom was adopted at the age of 12 they are

  • Sheldon Morrison

  • Shade' Morrison

  • Sharado Morrison

  • Laurence Rolle

His church history after giving his life to Christ  started with the church of the Naserin east street with he attended for about 3 years them he left to start attending the newly formed church of God of prophecy seven hills  which is his church to this day.

In 1995 he was appointed by his pastor who  now is Bishop Clarence William’s to the prison fellowship ministry and is still a member to this day and has been appointed the rank of treasurer during his service with this honorable ministry which seeks to ease the burden of social re entry into society.

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